Sridhar Raj Sampath Kumar Archive

About me

I'm an INTJ. I'm also a very private person who don't have a facebook account and has love-hate relationship with whats app.

Firstly, to understand me, you will have to get into my shoe to see the world as I see, and see it for yourself on how I decide on things. I take decision before I am being forced to make one based on my values and I am here because of the decisions I've made in the past.

Time is one of the things I value most. I go to great length in ordering things, and to stick with boring routine to save time for the thing which I'm interested in. Reading books, and building things are the ones that I love.

Programming is my super power. I can get work done in Node.js, Python. Has shipped app in android too.

My philosophy of life is simple. Life needs to be lived. You need to Optimize life that. Ideas should inspire you instead of idols.

Communication needs to be precise. Be it speech or writing. Things needs to short, crisp and to the point. We shouldn't take each other's beyond what is necessary.