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How to attract opportunity instead of hunting it down

I was reading Ravi venkatesan's thoughts on How to Succeed in the New World. He really makes some interesting points on how to be attract the opportunities our way instead of chasing it. This post is my summary of it.

To attract opportunity, first you need to shift from job-seeker to self-employed mindset. This mindset means, your job should be considered as a "gig" or a "project". Your ultimate goal should be to deliver a great outcome, learn things for yourself along the way and build a good reputation at the end of it. If this leads to another gig with the same company, great. If not, you're better off moving onto some other gig.

The notation of staying loyal to the job is long gone. If you stick to the job longer with conventional mindset, it might create a dependency leading to the job insecurity.

To be self employed, you first have to identify your core skill. A core skill can be writing a code, or ability to fix things or being a clear communicator or anything that companies might need. Once identified, you need to develop that until it is valuable enough for others to pay for.

The ultimate timeless skill is the ability to build trust and lead people, that can never be automated away. Whatever it is, become uniquely good at this and people will take notice and this is the nucleus around which you can build a sustainable economic engine.

A Positive Attitude

A Positive Attitude is the ultimate differentiator when it comes to standing out from other who may have similar education and IQ. This can also be termed as "success mindset".

This mindset can be characterized by the following 5 factors

  1. A strong ambition to be successful and the willingness to take initiative and work super hard to be successful.

  2. Optimism in the face of adversity and failure

  3. Taking personal responsibility and accountability for your life and actions

  4. Solution rather than problem orientation.

  5. Belief in people and faith that most people are internally motivated, are responsible

Learning agility

“learning agility is about knowing what to do when you don’t know what to do”. (Korn-Ferry)

To thrive in the new world, One should posses Learning agility. It means the individual should be curious to explore things, open to new ideas and should enjoy taking on new challenges. This is necessary to thrive in ambiguous, constantly changing situations.

To develop learning agility skill, you must consciously work on it, like building a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it becomes.

Manage Oneself

The ability to manage yourself is the last thing you need. The biggest obstacle to your own success is you. You should be able free yourself from the weakness that you assume, you posses. Unwinding this perceived weakness is necessary to reach your potential. You should be aware of the your strength and weakness, and learn to managing them.

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