1 Year Blogging Anniversary

Only a small percentage of blogs survive their first year.

Today I am happy to say that I'm one of them :). It all started with these doubts

  1. Do I really have anything to say here for the people who could read my blog?
  2. Can I say it in a way interesting enough to read the complete post?
  3. Will anyone be interested in reading my blog?

1. Do I really have anything interesting thing to say?

This is the biggest of all. Professional blogger says to start with things that you're familiar with. I'm being a developer was out of luck here. Though programming naturally becomes my familiar forte, Stack overflow has a solution to literally every single problem you might encounter, including all the best practices.

I think this is one of the reasons people stopped writing technical articles on their blog since the rise of Stack overflow. Searching for any technical problem, you will find help within top 3 SO pages on google.

Though, initially I didn't have any interesting thing to say here. I was clear that I was not a writer and certainly not a journalist following apple event for eyeballs. In fact, I consider that as a plain waste of time to say the same things in different ways. Writing for other was not my priority now.

2. Can I say it in a way interesting enough to read the complete post?

Surprisingly, it has found some takers. Following were the list of the top posts from my blog.
1. What is introvert
2. myBook shelf
3. lesson learnt from failed startups

I find organized blog posts handy when I wanted to share a few examples of failed startups and design standards.

3. Will anyone be interested in reading my blog?

Hmmm.. Honestly speaking, If you're intending to monetize your blog with ads, it matters. Else its all fine. Without much social sharing I receive decent hits from my close circle.

Most of the time, I could know that I've shared some article with a friend, but locating it in medium(email, twitter dm, favorites, pocket) will be painful. Most of them are public in nature and organizing them in post made sense then. I've been the biggest benefactor of this blog. It saves tons of minutes, when I search for things in organized content.

People reduce themselves to the predefined contents of checkboxes and drop-down relationship statuses.

Some have about.me serving them as online visiting cards. But Hey, isn't it cool to own your space? I no longer feel limited by platform to express things, list my books, toolbox.

I can say you that, buying a domain and doing it myself taught me a lot of stuff. I hope I'll continue to learn much more from the years to come.

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