My toolbox

I'm a polygot pragmatic programmer, I choose the best tool for the job. Following are the list of tools I use on my HP Pavilion Notebook


In 2020, I learnt the hard way not to rely on a single phone without backups. But these days, I'm mostly on Android after my iPhone died due to a lack of OS Updates.

2020 - iPhone SE 1st Gen


2023 - Motog40


One obvious difference here is the screen size. Other than that, rest all remains the same.

For everything else, Firefox.


Debian OS - Initially, I got started with Ubuntu 9.04 and stayed with it until 11.04. But over a period of time, I got tired of having to keep with the latest version of the OS. I wanted a stable distro that had less releases than Ubuntu. That's when I found out Debian 6. Since then I am sticking with it. I use Debian 10 with Gnome 3 desktop as my primary OS. If you want to try GNU/Linux, I still recommend you to get started with Ubuntu. Switch to Debian once you're familiar with the Linux way of doing things

KeePassXC - To generate and store passwords. I prefer stand alone, non-cloud, open sourced, desktop only password managers. For mobile, I use KeePassDX.

Browsers & Add-ons

My browser configuration - browser-configurations

  1. Firefox developer version - for all My personal and casual surfing.
  2. Chrome - Strictly for development and for chrome only use case.

Text Editor/ IDEs

  1. VS Code - For all My Node.js/JavaScript/Python works. My configurations here
  2. Vim/Emacs - the editor that I'm constantly learning. My .emacs config here

DB visualizers

  1. MongoDB Compass - cross platform GUI for MongoDB
  2. Sqlitebrowser - GUI for SQLite database when building android app.


  1. Pinboard - for managing my bookmarked links. For moving the links to my pinboard I use pin-tweet + pintelegram, a telegram bot.

Utility Tools

  1. Meld - For occasional code comparison. I like its 2 & 3 way comparision between files and folder.
  2. Shutter - For taking and annotating screenshot.
  3. Apparix - For bookmarking folders in terminal. After bookmarking you can go directly to the project by to project1 than painstakingly typing cd ../../github-repos/npms/project1. You can find the resource file that holds all the location details at $HOME/.apparixrc

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