Announcing a new side project: Tamil bible, an android app

An app like the Tamil bible is a necessary for the everyday use. But finding a decent one for every day is a pain. The experience is same for whether you're on an android or iOS. Play store alone, has 30 rows of Tamil bible android app.

What's the problem with the existing apps

Purchasing ads free version seems to be the quick solution. Though, I am all for paying for the software I use. I generally don't buy their ads-free version. Ads is one of the problems I find with them. Removing ads alone won't help it.

They are still badly designed, slow apps. These apps just don't seem worthy for the ads free purchase. I still wouldn't get the clutter free, pleasant reading experience that I am craving for.

Why a native android app?

After thinking about this for a long time. I decided to take the plunge and built an app. Then came the question. Should I build the app using iconic or similar frameworks to deploy it other OS or stick with the native one? Having worked in Angular for a good amount of time, I was tempted to choose it. But not being native app was one of the issues I'd with the existing apps. So, I went with the native app building using Java. It wasn't difficult at all since I already know Java and had work experience using it. The end result using this approach has come out really well.

The app is fast, clutter free and uses the android material design guidelines. Any android user can install and run with it. I've decided on the necessary functionalities that this app is supposed to have. This being the first version, I've built few from that list.

This App requires only couple of permissions from you

  1. Network Communication (for sending email to the developer and sharing to other apps)
  2. Device access to storing and sharing the favorites.

What you'll get from this app

I welcome early adopters, beta testers, android developers and anyone interested in general to head over to tamil bible. Feedback are welcome :)

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