How to fix /Users/ does not exist in Mac

I use Jetbrain's Toolbox to manage my Webstorm, AndroidStudio installations. Recently, when launching webstorm from terminal, I ran into The file /Users/sridharrajs/Library/Application Support/JetBrains/Toolbox/apps/WebStorm/ch-0/201.7223.93/ does not exist. I started to see this error after updating WebStorm via Toolbox.

To fix this, we need to correct the RUN_PATH

1.Find your executable location.

> which webstorm
For me, it was /usr/local/bin/webstorm.

2. Find the in your Mac. For me, it was in /Users/sridharrajs/Applications/JetBrains Toolbox/

3. Fix the broken RUN_PATH path. Open /usr/local/bin/webstorm in a text editor and replace the old run path with the current location of webstorm.

setWindowSurfaceColorBuffer and flushwindowsurfacecolorbuffer

setWindowSurfaceColorBuffer and flushwindowsurfacecolorbuffer

4. Save and Exit.

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