Announcing, a book recommendation site

I present you,, a new side project that helps you to read the most recommended books by the curators.


As a book reader, one of the challenges I face is, "How do I pick my next book to read?". Jeff atwood has Recommended Reading for developers, Dhh has 5 programming books that means most to him, Stack Overflow community has Most influential book every programmer should read and Steve Yegge has 10 great books. Though eventually, I might want to read all the books mentioned in those list. Which list should I start first? or better Which list has books that can have maximum impact on my life and work? What would be the cost, if I wrongly choose a list to read.


After thinking about that, I arrived at a simple logic. Instead of burning through the recommendation list, build your own list. i.e., Built a list of most recommended books based on the number of times it was recommended by the curators in their list.


If I carefully pick the most recommended books, I can have maximum impact on my life and career with minimal reading. Also, choosing books this way, will be of good mix since the curators are from different domains.

recommendedreads has 3 sections.

  1. Shelves
  2. Books
  3. Curators

2 & 3 are straight forward. Shelves is something like grouping based on a common attribute. For eg: Jason Fried has shared book recommendations on multiple places. The books that he has shared on the Twitter will be grouped under Twitter shelve and similarly the books that he has shared on ProductHunt will be grouped under ProductHunt shelve I invite you all to check and share me your thoughts :)

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