Week 11: Book summary - WIP, Python script for S3 upload, and 2 answers on StackOverflow

Books and Links

Summarizing Building a Second Brain book is still WIP.

The telegram integration has improved my workflow so much that, my bookmark count now increases by double digits every day. So much information to read-process-journal-discard. The unread count is at 7242.

Programming & Learning

Improving backup strategy

Both Google one and iCloud seem to be offering 200GB of storage(inclusive of phone backups) at ~ ₹200. But if you want to be self-reliant without being locked into their ecosystem, Amazon S3 Glacier Instant Retrieval storage seems a viable option for storing backups on the cloud. I wrote backup-scripts, a python script to explore uploading images to s3.



I deployed the PR changes, I noticed that in case of failure due to timeout, there is no message to the user in case of failure to bookmark. Fixed that in PR #11 and migrated from node-fetch to axios in PR #10. After adding telegram, I'm preferring the bot over the Pinkt app since it is just a one step process of bookmarking links.


I wrote answers to a couple of questions on StackOverflow.

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