Sridhar Raj Sampath Kumar Archive Weekly updates

Week 20: home page revamp - WIP, for pulling remote changes and dusted off mastodon handle

Books and Links

Summarizing my notes from The Richest Man in Babylon - WIP.

The unread bookmark count is at 8113.

Programming & Learning

I created in 2017, but haven't been active on the site. After the recent changes at Twitter, I dusted off the handle. Mastodon today reminds me of the early days of Twitter. I'm hoping to spend some time there.


Raised a feat: support for pulling all github changes at once #2 PR that adds for git pull across all git repos at once. This utility project eventually needs to be an installer.


I'm refactoring tagging section of pin-tweet to use regex instead if checks.

Revamping home page

I'm revamping the home page of this site. Should be published by next week.