Week 24: Onebible - 1 PR merged, 2 user reported issues and pin-tweet - 1 bug fix

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The unread bookmark count is 8540.

Programming & Learning


While I got the fix(tamil): grammatically error in 6 verse #21 PR was merged last week, I got a couple of user reported issues.

I'm planning to address them this coming week.


I'd changed the telegram bot's response to include the list of applicable tags for the given URL. While using it for some time, I noticed that if the URL doesn't have any matching rule, empty [] is set in ack response. I've fixed this via fix: empty [] in ack response #16 PR.

Bug old
Fix new

Pin-tweet trims query params like utm_campaign, utm_medium and utm_source only when used as CLI. I need to extend this for other channels as well, so that bookmarked doesn't contain any trackers. Also, these query parameters should be config driven from rules.json file instead of being part of the code.

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