Week 31: Brought books at the book fair, initiative to design 12 NGOs' websites, subscription by email - WIP

This week was mostly spent discussing an initiative that my friend suggested. More on that to follow in the post.


We visited the Chennai book fair during the last week of the event and brought the following books.

books sridhar brought from chennaibookfair in 2023

Spoils from chennaibookfair 2023 📚


I raised chore(react-ui): adding react to the app #2

This PR does the following things

Subscribe by email

I'm wrapping up the final form validations and DB schema changes to accommodate the new category for weeklies. It should be ready in a week or two.

Free website design for NGOs

My friend Eswar has a unique goal for 2023. He wants to help design 12 NGO websites for free of cost this year. We have received excellent responses from the post. Based on the initial discussion with the registered NGOs, they had little to no presence online since they are heavily fieldwork based. The only tech they use is WhatApp, for organizing and sharing pictures of the event. They want to share all their work digitally on the Internet for others to see.

I'm thinking of the following criteria to help them meet their requirement.

I'll share more here as I get to know them better.

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