Week 53: Book summary - WIP and My Current Android home screen

I was busy with office related work, so I only had a little time to work on my own agenda.


Summarizing my notes from the Range book is still pending for 3 weeks in a row. The only meaningful update I could make for now is to add my notes of the original raft paper[1], which I read in Week 50: Understanding Raft.


I learnt the hard way to not rely on a single phone without backups in 2020. But these days, I'm mostly on Android after my iPhone died due to lack of OS Updates.

2020 - iPhone SE 1st Gen


2023 - Motog40


One obvious difference here is the screen size. Other than that, rest all remains the same.

For everything else, Firefox.

Scouting for good podcast transcription software

I listen to a lot of podcasts, and not all of them have transcript enabled. I'm scouting for a decent podcast transcriptor that will help to extract the quotes and interesting ideas from them.


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