Week 8: Onebible 1 PR merged, 1 VS code mindmap extension, exploring backup options - still on

Books and Links

No change in the book reads. Unread count 6924 and will probably hit 7k next week.

Programming & Learning

Onebible PRs

I raised a massive PR - #20 correcting 100+ verses and got it merged.

Markmap - VS Code extension

I discovered Markmap, an extension to visualize your markdown files in VSCode. I've been using it for a week, seems to be solid.


Improving backup strategy

There are three categories of things that need to be backed up.

  1. Notes.
  2. Code
  3. Media files.
  4. Docs - pdfs, password file.

For #1, I create and edit notes as plain simple markdown .md files on vscode and store them using git. I leverage git remote to keep my backup on GitLab and bitbucket in sync. Improving redundancy here means, having multiple remote set!

For #2, I've all my code and configs for text editor(emacs, dotfiles, vscode, webstorm-settings), and browser tweaks on Github. My 2FA codes are on Authy.

For #3 & #4, I've been using an external hard disk. Thinking of improving the redundancy by adding a cloud provider.

Pratyush had a suggestion that does an incremental backup of the OS. Piwingo seems to be a decent option for #3 alone. I'm exploring other options as well. I'm more interested in backing up the content I create on the system than the system itself. Since 2020, I've been intentionally switching phone platforms now and then to keep my tech dependency in check. So far, it is successful and this helped me learn what is important and what isn't. So, wanted to replicate the same on the laptop as well.

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