Doing things along the way

Year 2014 was my first year in review post. I have decided not to write review post based on the realization I got when I sat down to write this year's.

I took pointers on what all things I did last year. Half way into it, I felt comprehending all the stuff I did in a single blog post is not giving attention each item deserves. Things like why I moved out of shared hosting to EC2, learnings I got by launching a couple of my side projects, tweaks I made to better my routine to get work-life balance, How I consolidated apps I use every day, a new workflow routing all my email, number of books I read last year and tons of other things. All I can do here, is to say that, I did them. The post sort of became my report card without the Why.

On the flip side, When I see in retrospection of all my last year posts, review of Kathy's badass making user awesome was the one I wrote instantly after reading that book. The earlier it is, the better. It was easier for me to write it, as things could just flow from the top of my head. Postponing, makes it harder for me to remember the details. So this year, I have decided to write a post as soon as I finish things. Glad if it helps someone, else it is still fine, because the motive was just to write it for myself.

Hope, this first post this year, about the learning I got, resonates with you.

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