pin-tweet, version 1.1 with auto tagging

One way to improve your reading habits is to have a HEALTHY BACKLOG of all YOUR links in one place before you want to read them. Links from email newsletters, tweets, WhatsApp, and telegram all in one place. Pinboard browser extensions can help on desktop but it was painful to move tweets to pinboard when using Twitter on the mobile browser.

I wrote pin-tweet, a node utility script to solve it. As soon as I like a tweet, it posts the tweet to my pinboard account and removes it from my Twitter account. This way, I was able to have everything at one place.

Version 1, helped me to read posts in a single place. The next problem I faced was to have them categorized neatly.

I've addressed this in version 1.1, with rules.

The idea here is to read based on the free time and mood rather the sequentially going through the list.

So, If you're using pinboard and Twitter, here you go.

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