Week 14: Published my notes from building your second brain book, Started reading சிவகாமியின் சபதம்

Books and Links

Finally, I published my notes from the book and resumed my book reading.

If you're a serious note-taker, you might already know most of the things that Second brain teaches, but if you're entire new to the subject, I highly recommended checking on Derek Siver's take on the subject.

If digital, use only plain text. It’s a standard format not owned by any company. It will be readable in 50 years on devices we haven’t even imagined yet. Don’t use formats that can only be read by one program, because that program won’t be around in 50 years. Don’t use the cloud, unless you’re also going to download it weekly and back it up in plain text outside that cloud. (Companies shut down. Clouds disappear. Think long-term.)

From Benefits of a daily diary and topic journals

Or Thoreau's take on same subject.

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