Week 23: update on my Mastodon account and adding mastodon service to pin-tweet

Books and Links

The unread bookmark count is 8438.

Programming & Learning

Updates on My Mastodon account

A good majority of the people whom I follow on Twitter have migrated to mastodon. Despite following them, my following hasn't achieved the right balance. Currently, it is tech-heavy, but I'm planning to experiment by following people across my interests to fine tune it. If you have any suggestions of people to follow for Humour, தமிழ், and personal finance topics, send them my way.

Pin-tweet 2.0.0 changes

Last week, I was evaluating npms for working with Mastodon APIs. But when I sat down to do the actual implementation, I discovered that both the bookmarks and unbookmark APIs are straightforward, and using an npm to make a couple of network calls seemed overkill. So, I changed the implementation to reflect this. More details on feat: add support for mastodon #12 PR.

The logic for tagging the URL as a bookmark was tightly coupled with Twitter since it was the only service for which this script was written. But now things have changed. So, I took this as an opportunity to refactor it to be generic through refactor: tagging #14 PR.

Also, I've added Changelog.md to the repo through docs: adding changelog and version bump #13 PR.

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