Week 25: Onebible - 1 issue filed, Pin-tweet - trackers stripped, Adding RSS feeds to the site - WIP #25th edition

The Weekly update has reached its 25th edition. A milestone worth celebrating. Be it reading a variety of books or hacking on side projects. I always have a whole bunch of things going for me. But I was also finding it increasingly difficult to allocate time for such activities during my day. That's when I came across this idea from Chad Fowler from The Passionate Programmer: Creating a Remarkable Career in Software Development book.

Simply setting a goal (daily, weekly, or whatever you’re capable of) and tracking this type of accomplishment can radically change your behavior. When you start to search for outstanding accomplishments, you naturally go through the process of evaluating and prioritizing your activities based on the business value of what you might work on.

Tracking hits at a reasonably high frequency will ensure that you don’t get stuck: if you’re supposed to produce a hit per day, you can’t spend two weeks crafting the perfect task. This type of thinking and work becomes a habit rather than a major production. And, like a developer addicted to the green bar of a unit test suite, you start to get itchy if you haven’t knocked out today’s hit. You don’t have to worry so much about tracking your progress, because performing at this level becomes more akin to a nervous tic than a set of tasks that need to be planned out in Microsoft Project.

I choose weekly to plan and execute things per project/week. So far, this has been going great and has helped me accomplish more without burning out.

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I filed a new user reported issue - Tamil typo in II நாளாகமம் 7:14 #21.


As mentioned last week, I implemented trimming query params like utm_campaign, utm_medium and utm_source for the rest of the channels via tech(trackers): refactor stripping away the tracker from URL #17 PR.

Adding RSS feeds to the site - WIP

I'm learning how to build RSS feeds for the site from scratch. The idea is to have two feeds, one for the regular posts and the other for the weekly updates.

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