Week 3: PinQL - a GraphQL side project, book notes WIP

Books and Links

Summarizing the notes from the What The Heck Do I Do With My Life book - WIP.

Bookmark count = 6790. Apparently rate of adding new links > my rate of reading links.

Programming & Learning

The idea I had for pin-tweet is simple:
One way to improve your reading habits is to have a HEALTHY BACKLOG of all YOUR links in one place before you want to read them. Links from email newsletters, tweets, WhatsApp, and telegram all in one place.

I wrote pin-tweet, a node utility script to solve it.

In 2020, I wanted to do a side project using GraphQL but didn't really get started with it. But this year, I'm getting started. Introducing PinQL, a webclient for Pinboard + my rules powered using GraphQL. I just got the basic things set up.

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