Week 5: Deploying Jenkins, fixing couple of a11y issues, 1 new browser extension and a published book notes

Books and Links

I didn't read books this week, was focusing on completing the review of What The Heck Do I Do With My Life book. Here is the published summary.

Read a bunch of a11y related links, my bookmark count is 6878

Programming & Learning


I'm continuing to learn more on the a11y standards and on how to improving the accessibility for the webpages. Will be sharing my learnings soon. Meanwhile, if you're using eslint for your JavaScript linting, add eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y to your project to to spot accessibility issues in React apps.

Fixed a couple of a11y issues. Following is the report.

a11y-before Google Lighthouse report - accessibility score 100

Discovered axe DevTools - Web Accessibility Testing, a browser plugin for static analysing the a11y issues. Adding it to my browser-configuration

Side projects - Jenkins & FB page clean ups

I'm was mostly working on configuring Jenkins to do the CI/CD for my side projects. Closed down FB pages of my defunct side projects except onebible.in page to narrow down focus.

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