Week 6: Practising being deliberate with time, resuming PinQL, retiring now page

Books and Links

Reading Building a Second Brain book gave ideas on how to capture notes, and organize them. I was focusing on reading links from Pinboard. Despite clearing a whole bunch of links, my unread count is still at 6868. Net -10 only.

Programming & Learning

If you want to have control over your time, and thereby your life. You need to be deliberate with the things that you do with your time. Sometimes it means making it harder for you to do certain things.

PinQL - updates

I'd written a Query for fetching the article for PinQL on Week 3. This week I was working on adding mutation for bookmarking an article. Also, a blog post about the idea behind PinQL is in the works.

Site clean up

I'm retiring the now page of this site, from now on any request to https://sridhar.co/now will be redirected to https://sridhar.co/weekly-updates with status code 301.

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