Week 9: 7k links, Onebible - nodejs migration script - WIP, replacing KeePassX with KeePassXC in my toolbox

Books and Links

As predicted last week, my unread count has crossed 7k and currently is at 7020. I got a few interesting pointers from Building a Second Brain book on how to improve my note-taking workflow. I'm already putting them into practice. 90% done with the book and the rest should be completed by this week.

Programming & Learning


Earlier, godlytalias had suggested that we fix both XML and JSON files as well. Both bible.xml and bible.json have 31K+ lines and roughly around ~14MB each. I'm writing a nodejs migration script that efficiently reads the file's content line by line and replaces-if-required without loading all the content at once into the memory.

KeePassXC - a replacement for KeePassX

KeePassX, my password manager since 2014 is no longer being actively maintained. So like me, If you're using KeePassX, you can migrate to KeePassXC as suggested in the official blog. No other change is required. Everything works as-is since the password databases are compatible with each other. Also, for mobile, I discovered KeePassDX, and updated my toolbox to reflect all these changes.

Updating utility script

Updated commit.py, my utility script to push the changes to BitBucket and Gitlab services.

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