PinQL roadmap


I've about 6873 unread links in Pinboard. This is by design, because of my workflow.

One way to improve your reading habits is to have a HEALTHY BACKLOG of all YOUR links in one place before you want to read them. Links from email newsletters, tweets, WhatsApp, and telegram all in one place.

Though the pin tweet was effective in auto-tagging the new links, the old links remain untagged.

pinboard tag cloud Pinboard Tag Cloud: A screenshot from

The above is how My tag cloud looks like based on auto-tagging for the recent ~3k of 6K links. The older 3k links remain untagged since they were bookmarked before I created the auto-tagging script. Since I'm reading through tags, these untagged links won't be getting a read. PinQL aims to solve this. It will improve existing pin-tweet to run tagging rules even for the back dated links through a web interface.


  1. Setup GraphQL server with pinboard integration - Completed in Week 3
  2. Adding Mutations for CRUD on links - Completed in Week 7
  3. Adding Mutation for CRUD on rules
  4. Integrate pin-tweet with cron setup
  5. Rules: Build React screens for adding, editing, and deleting rules
  6. Links: Build screens for Adding, Listing, Updating, and Deleting links
  7. Build screens for login, collect Twitter token
  8. Retire pin-tweet

I'm planning to use Apollo Client for integrating the frontend with the GraphQL backend. One another thing to note here is that pin-tweet stores both twitter-token and pinboard token in the .env file. Since this is a onetime activity while setting up and it isn't going to change. I'm leaving it as it is. PinQL is meant for personal single user use only. So should be okay. For the sake of simplicity, I'll continue to stick with a JSON file for storing rules instead of using a database.

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